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About This Website

This website is for all Smith’s and Berube’s and related family members, partners, significant others, direct or indirect, in-law or out-law, as well as various suspects. If any of the family branches are an important part of your or your families life you are welcome to provide ancestry information to be included in the database and displayed on the website.

If you know of a person or persons (or have information to add, or a correction) please post it in the website blog or send email to:

NOTE: The pages names in all CAPS are secure and require a password to access. To get one send an email to the address above.

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This is the ancestry website for Smith, Johnson, Berube and Morand and all of their relatives no matter how distant or obscure. The information under the Ancestry page covers all manner of relatives back to the early 1500's. You can go directly to a family by going to the "Ancestry" page and clicking on the family name listed in the index.


1. Tribute/Story
- A new feature has been added … you can now write a tribute or story (or add information to an existing tribute or story) for your deceased relatives. It doesn't have to be long or detailed. It can be a remembrance, a story or some fact about a relative that you want to share. You can add a comment or additional information by clicking on the "add info" icon on the original entry. If you are creating the tribute or story (instead of just adding more information or comment to an existing one) be sure to enter the persons full name, date of birth, place of birth and date of death on the first line of the new entry.

2. New security - The Ancestry and Documents pages are now password (and user ID) protected. The Ancestry website is accessible by everyone. However, both of these pages have information that is private to our relatives and not intended for public access. When you click on the Ancestry or Document page you wii be asked for a user name and password. To get a username and password send an email to: Full implementation will wait until the Ancestry site is more complete. In the interim you can use the User ID: "admin" and the Password: "admin" (no quotes) to access these pages. If you suddenly find you can't access the pages then full security has been implemented. To regain access send an email to to request your own user name and password.

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